Management Plans

Watershed Management Plan

The Pisquid River has a 3864 hectare drainage system and a 38.6 kilometer long watercourse. Its headwaters originate in Avondale and flow north through the communities of Peaks, Dromore and Pisquid into the Hillsborough River. Fifty nine percent (59%) of the watershed is forested with 874 hectares located on Government property. Thirty one percent (31%) of the land use is agricultural, a part of which is categorized as certified...

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Beaver Management Plan

Beavers are a keystone species, which means they have the ability to change the environment and thus the ecological diversity of an area. Beaver dams can provide significant wetland habitat for a variety of plant and animal species which increases both the economic and recreational value of these areas for hunters, anglers, trappers and non-consumptive users...

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